Future Engergy
Astana EXPO 2017
Date: 2013
Art Direction: Aris Zenone
Client: Amsterdam Media Broup
This is my response to the pitch which I was invited to create the logo and branding for the International Exhibition of 2017 based in Astana Kazakhstan. The logo is conceived and composed by the four letters «EXPO» that are designed in a lightweight. From these 4 letters we designed a 2 letters typographic logo with the idea to bring together, merge and exchange cultures and energy from two different cultures, asian and european one with the aim to develop a better future. These solutions bring us to a dynamic, useful and friendly branding that reflect the Future Energy, Astana and hospitality of Kazakhstan. This project was selected on finalists but not chosen as winner. Was really happy to be involved in this study so we will anyway share it with you.
Another branding project we did is for a music club!